The New Battlefield Goes Back To The Future & Drops The Campaign

Battlefield 2042

EA just revealed the latest game in the Battlefield franchise, titled Battlefield 2042, and it’s bringing the series back into the future while also getting rid of the campaign.

This would be a first for the Battlefield series. As every other title in the franchise has had one. But unlike some of the older Battlefield games, as well as competitors in the genre, some of Battelfield’s more recent campaigns have been fairly short.

So players may not really be losing a whole lot here. Battlefield 5’s campaign for instance, clocked in at about 3 hours. A tad bit less if you were quick about things. In place of the campaign, Battlefield 2042 will be adding what looks like two new modes and some new features. So there will still be a large chunk of content to go through.


In the absence of a campaign Battlefield 2042 gets new ‘Hazard Zone’ mode & more

Battlefield 2042 may not have a single player experience, and to some that may be a letdown, but EA and DICE have big things planned to keep players engaged for “years to come.”

According to EA, it’s taking a new approach to the live service aspect of the Battlefield franchise. Content will be broken up into seasons that will last for around three months. Each season will also “evolve the fiction” of the game. So while there isn’t a campaign, there is definitely a story there to follow. And the building of the game’s narrative has already started.

Over on the Battlefield 2042 landing page, you can read about the world of the game and how things have gotten to where they are. The world’s first category 6 storm, food and fuel shortages, a second great depression, and other life-changing events lay the groundwork for the story.


Gameplay includes three main modes

When it comes to gameplay, Battlefield 2042 will have a new mode called Hazard Zone. EA says the new mode is distinctly Battlefield but still very different from the modes in All-Out-War. It’s described as a “high-stakes, squad-based modern take on the multiplayer experience.” That’s all the details that EA gives up for now, but it has a gameplay trailer landing on June 13. So there’s a chance players will learn more about Hazard Zone through that trailer.

There’s also a second new mode which EA has simply labeled “Redacted.” This is described as a new way to play Battlefield with unexpected experiences. EA will show this off on July 22 during its EA Play Live event.

As for All-Out-War, this is the Battlefield multiplayer that players will remember, but with new and improved features. It will support up to 128 players, though not on all platforms. Xbox One and PS4 will support up to 64 players. Meanwhile PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC will support up to the full 128, taking advantage of the new massive scale maps.


Speaking of maps, there will be 7 in total and feature everything from destructive environments to large-scale dynamic events and environmental storms. Forcing players to adapt to changes on the fly.

Battlefield 2042 will launch on October 22 of this year. EA also has an open beta planned for some time between now and the game’s release, but it hasn’t set a date yet.