Apple TV App Arrives On NVIDIA SHIELD Tablets

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Apple TV is expanding its reach by putting its app on another device. According to a blog post by NVIDIA, Apple has put its streaming service on the NVIDIA SHIELD. It brings all of the perks that users can enjoy on other devices.

Apple TV on NVIDIA SHIELD brings 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos support

Many folks thought we’d never see the day that Apple software is available on an Android device. NVIDIA announced that the Apple TV app will be available to download for SHIELD tablets. The app is on the Play Store, so you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get it.

Users will be getting the full package if they get the app- this means that there aren’t any features or shows exclusive to those with Apple hardware. They will be able to watch all of the content offered by Apple TV and have the ability to get Apple TV +.


As stated by NVIDIA, watching Apple TV content on the SHIELD will be an audible and visual treat. Folks will be able to watch their content in 4K and in HDR. 1080p videos will also be upscaled to 4K. This, of course, is only for those who have 4K SHIELD tablets. As for the audio, the app will also offer Dolby Atmos.

You will be able to use Google Assistant commands on the app

If it isn’t surprising enough that the Apple TV app is available on an Android device, the app also plays nicely with Google’s Assistant. You can use the Assistant to do the basic commands that you would on any media player. There are the play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward options for your content. You can also use the Assistant to navigate through the app and search for content to watch.

If Apple TV comes out for other devices in the Android ecosystem, it will be really progressive thinking on Apple’s part. The first bit of Apple software to hit the Google Play Store was an app that was meant to move people from the platform to iOS. This obviously didn’t sit well with Android users.


What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is basically the company’s answer to Netflix. It’s a streaming service where you can watch movies and television shows. Users will also be able to watch shows from Starz, Paramount+, and AMC+. You get access to a lot of content with the basic membership, but if you want to take things a step further, Apple TV+ gives you access to perks like being able to watch Apple Originals shows and movies. If you are interested in Apple TV+, you will get a seven-day free trial, then it will be only $4.99 a month after that.