Apple Won't Be All That's Sold At Defunct LG Phone Stores, Samsung Hopes

Samsung Logo Box DG AH 01 2020

Samsung isn’t at all happy about a rumored LG decision to sell Apple products at its LG Best Shop locations. And it plans to do something about it, according to new reports stemming from the two companies’ shared home region of South Korea.

In fact, if there’s any weight to the rumors at all, Samsung is betting on an agreement signed between itself and LG to intervene. Albeit, not in the way that agreement might seem to suggest. Instead, the company hopes to convince LG indirectly to sell its own Galaxy lineup at LG Best Shop. Allegedly, by demanding that the three biggest carriers in the region pressure LG into doing so.

What agreement does Samsung say that LG broke in the purported Apple deal?

Now, as noted above, the latest reports follow other allegations that LG would soon start selling iPhones and other iOS products in its dedicated storefronts. But such a deal would allegedly be impossible, according to an agreement signed between Samsung and LG. While LG claims that the sale of Apple products doesn’t violate the Samsung agreement, the latter company disagrees.


Summarily, the agreement, signed in 2018, allows only LG phones to be sold at LG-run stores. And Samsung can, subsequently, sell only its own phones at its shops. The goal of the agreement was to prevent Samsung or LG shops from driving consumers away from smaller shops.

LG and Samsung collectively owned a significant portion of the market share. At least, that’s before LG left the smartphone business. So being able to purchase both at either would effectively nullify the point of those smaller retailers.

LG’s disagreement may not be without merit

From LG’s perspective, the deal doesn’t necessarily negate its ability to sell iPhones, iPads, and other gadgets. Although it allegedly won’t sell Apple’s laptops or desktops, since that may undermine its own businesses on those fronts. The company currently has over 400 of its LG Best Shop locations in the region.


The company indicates that there is a clause in the agreement that allows renegotiation. And, pertinently enough, that renegotiation is meant to happen when large changes happen, which LG leaving mobile behind arguably fits with. At least one official, according to reports, agrees with LG’s position. But it remains to be seen if the company will be able to push forward with its Apple deal.