Android 12 Beta 2 Brings Forth Improved Granular Battery Stats

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Android 12 Beta 2 has added additional granular battery stats. Some Google Pixel phones let you check your battery stats in two-hour intervals.

When Google releases a new Android version, we expect it to offer an impressive array of revamped settings and notifications. Android 12 OS is no exception.

The latest version of the pre-release software dubbed, Android 12 Beta 2 radically overhauls settings, as well as notifications. Aside from tweaking these two aspects, the new software brings major changes to the battery stats.


Android 12 Beta 2 revamps battery stats

In its latest blog post, Google said that the company has made major changes and significant investments in performance. The company’s focus revolves around foundational system performance, battery life, tools to optimize apps, media quality and performance, and foreground service changes.

The battery stats appear to have received an overhaul in Beta 2. In a June 9 tweet, XDA Developer’s Mishaal Rahman pointed out that the battery stats in the latest iteration looks slightly different than it looked in Beta 1 and earlier Android versions.

The new Android version has replaced the graph that showed your battery’s life with an interactive bar diagram. The interactive bar diagram is split into two-hour intervals.


You can limit the battery stats below the graph to display only the apps and system features that were used within this period. To access these details, simply tap individual columns. The screen-on time remains hidden in Beta 2.

Android 12 Beta 2 Battery Usage



The revamped battery stats might be exclusive to newer Pixel devices

It appears that the recently spotted tappable diagram will be available exclusively on newer Pixel devices. Android Police was able to reproduce the redesigned battery stats on Pixel 3, but the site couldn’t populate details about the two-hour intervals by tapping the columns.

It is also possible that Rahman was able to activate some hidden system flags that made the diagram interactive. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that battery stats will be the same for all Pixel phones when a stable Android 12 launches.

Google has a reputation for switching battery stats up every time it released a new version of Android OS. With Android 12, Google has significantly reduced the importance of single charging cycles for battery stats.


Now, users will be able to see how they interacted with their phones over the last 24 hours. It will be a little harder for phone reviewers to judge battery life due to the removal of screen-on time.

Nevertheless, the new granular view will come in handy for judging which apps are consuming their battery more than the others.