Android 12 Beta 2 Shows The Duration Of Current Call In Status Bar

android 12 beta 2 call duration

Along with massive design changes, Android 12 is also going to come bundled with some nifty features. One such nifty feature spotted by a Twitter user kdrag0n shows Android 12 Beta 2 update showing the duration of the current call in the Status bar.

There are already plenty of new features that we have discussed that Google has made with Android 12 since its developer preview. You can check it out here.

However, the second beta has introduced a bunch of new features. Do note that these features are still under development. Meaning that they may or may not make it to the final stable version of Android 12.


Secondly, you may experience some bugs while using them. The Android 12 Beta 2’s in development feature that shows call duration in the status bar seems to be enabled by default.

Notably, when you are connected to a phone call and you leave the phone app, a chip is created on the Status bar. It shows the call duration in HH:MM:SS format.

Moreover, it is assumed to redirect you to the phone app when you touch this chip on the status bar showing call duration.


Android 12 Beta 2 shows call duration chip in a pill-shaped UI element

The “chip” here is in the form of a pill-shaped UI element. Android 12 is also speculated to support this feature for third-party apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber.

If that is the case, then this is a nice little feature that, although doesn’t seem important, will surely add to the overall aesthetics of Android 12 OS.

Sadly, it seems like when the chip is tapped you won’t be able to open the phone app or any other supported app for that matter. Because the Google Dialer app doesn’t support it at the moment.


The Twitter use Kdrag0n made use of a custom Magisk/Xposed module he developed to try out new features of Android 12. So, end-users, sadly won’t be able to try out this new feature.

Android 11 currently does not have this feature. To know the call duration, you have to either return to the main calling screen or access the notification tray.

The positive thing to take out from this is that this new call duration chip feature is already implemented in Android 12 Beta 2. It is just a matter of time when Google decides to add it to the Phone app, the end-users will be able to see the call duration in the status bar.