Android 12 Beta 2 Is Here! With The Much Anticipated Privacy Dashboard

Android 12 Features AM AH 4

Google has just released the second beta for Android 12, and it offers a slew of features announced at Google I/O. This includes the new Privacy Dashboard, as well as the new microphone and camera toggles and indicators.

The second beta will debut the Privacy Dashboard, which Google talked about a lot at I/O last month. This dashboard will show what data is being accessed and how often. That’s going to help you adjust permissions easier, and keep your data private.

Then there are the new microphone and camera toggles and indicators, which are also privacy-oriented. The indicators will show in the upper right-hand corner when the microphone and/or the camera is being used. So you can see when an app is using either permission, even when it shouldn’t be. When it comes to the toggles, you’ll be able to easily revoke the microphone and/or the camera permission from the Quick Settings in the notification shade. Without navigating to the Privacy Dashboard.


How can I get Android 12 Beta 2?

If you are already on the first beta for Android 12, you’ll be getting the update via an OTA. However, if you are not already in the beta program, you can enroll here. Then you’ll get the OTA in the coming hours – it’s usually pretty quick, but sometimes can be pushed back.

You can also opt to flash the factory image or the OTA onto your Pixel device. And we have instructions on how to do that here.

This is the second beta for Android 12, so things are starting to get a bit more stable here. You will probably be okay to put this onto your main device, but it’s still not recommended. But it is still pretty easy to revert back to Android 11, if you experience way to many bugs to be able to deal with.


There will be one more beta, before the final release which will be the Platform Stability release. And then we’ll have the final version of Android 12 launching around September.