Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Review – The Best Amazon Tablet For Your Kids

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The best bang for your buck for introducing your kids to tablet and mobile technology

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro
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  • All day battery life at over 12-hours of on-time
  • Parental controls made easy for any age child
  • Rugged case design prevents damage from almost anything your child might throw at it
  • Bright, easy-to-read screen
  • Responsive software and display for kid-friendly use
  • Flexible protective case stand for use just about anywhere
  • Respectible starter-camera
  • Free, limited-time access to Amazon Kids+ subscription
  • Stellar performance for even the most intensive apps
  • Above-par audio for a more immersive experience
  • Charging is incredibly slow at 4 hours
  • No Google App access
  • Limited access to the full Amazon Appstore

Amazon’s tablets are some of the least expensive around. So, when Amazon sent out its Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet for review, I wasn’t necessarily expecting to be blown away. But they’re also some of the best-selling Android-based tablets on the market. There is, undeniably, a good reason for that. So I was, at the very least, intrigued.

Suffice it to say, I walked away from this review impressed with this kid-centric tablet. Not only is it powerful enough to allow a constant array of parental controls and lag-free gameplay for kids. It’s got a battery that should last all day for most users, a screen that met and surpassed my expectations, and even a decent camera. At least, that’s if you want your child to have a decent but still cheap camera to get started in photography.

Let’s dig in for a closer look at this award-worthy child-friendly tablet from Amazon.


This is the hardware to buy if your kids need a tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro comes kid-ready

When it comes to kid-ready tablets I’ve had the chance to review, Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is going to be one of very few that’s really ready. Right out of the box.

Not only does Amazon effectively just take its Pro-level Amazon Fire HD 10 and wrap it in a protective case that’s ready for kids. That’s available in Black, Sky Blue, Doodle, or Intergalactic color configurations, by the way. The case is a snug-fitting rubberized material that keeps the button, camera, speaker, and port access. All without increasing bulk by too much. So it’s aesthetically a very nice-looking ruggedized tablet.

At the back of the case, Amazon includes a kickstand with an oval loop-shaped hole in it. That can be folded out into three configurations. The first lets kids place the tablet at a slight incline or flip it over to an almost vertical position. The second puts the bar straight out. So that it can easily be hung up on something via the cutout in the middle. And the last configuration almost works to give the tablet a stand of its own — as shown in the images below.

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01 2 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 4 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 6 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 8 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 0 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 2 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 4 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 6 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021
01 8 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review hardware DG AH 2021

In terms of the hardware quality, the first thing to note is that the case not only keeps the device safe. It’s more comfortable to hold than a standard tablet. And it’s semi-squishy. So it’s got plenty of grippy texture and will be harder for kids to drop accidentally, in the first place.

The buttons and ports, conversely, are snappy. That means that there’s an audible, and satisfying, click each time that the buttons are pressed. And each time the USB-C or headphone port is used. And the kickstand is similarly snappy. Holding position firmly with a solid “click” noise to tell kids when they’ve got it in the right spot.

Of course, the strong build quality and option to include a handle-enhanced carry sleeve, screen protector, and headphones for a bit more money aren’t the only thing making this tablet kid-friendly. Amazon also packs in a “2-year worry-free guarantee” for this tablet. This tablet is meant to withstand the rigors of just about any activity and just about any child. But if it does break, Amazon will replace it for free.


Pictures don’t do the value of this display justice

02 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review display DG AH 2021
While not necessarily photo-ready, this Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet has a display that’s more than bright enough for direct sunlight

It may not be easy to see the display in the photo above. But pictures really don’t do justice to the experience I had during my review of the 10.1-inch 1080p FullHD Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro. It was, in fact, easy to read and see all of the details with this tablet, even under direct sunlight. In fact, the automatic brightness adjusted itself down in all but the most direct sunlight.

But it isn’t just a bright, crisp display that makes this the perfect tablet for your kids. And it isn’t just the strengthened aluminosilicate glass either.

This tablet was incredibly responsive during my review. At just $199 for the base model — without any extra accessories — it may be one of the most responsive tablets I’ve tested to date. And for a whole lot less on the cost side of the equation.


There was never any input lag to speak of. Touch interactions occurred exactly where expected. And same held true in gaming titles that required rapid inputs.

Of course, this isn’t a “gaming” tablet and the touch response isn’t going to be as high as with phones or tablets in the $800+ range. But that did make using this tablet fun, rather than frustrating. Especially when compared to other Android-based tablets in the same price bracket.

Specs and performance were on point for a Kids Pro model Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is ready to give your children access to all of the best games on the platform

Discussion of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet performance could easily be centered around the octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, up to 1TB expandable storage, and more but that wouldn’t do the justice a simple review does. When playing games on this tablet — undoubtedly the use case kids will enjoy the most — there’s absolutely no latency to be found.


Now, I didn’t necessarily test this tablet using the most intensive games available on the Android platform. Instead, I stuck mostly to games that benefit from the larger screen size. So these were games that are graphically, but not necessarily computationally, the most demanding.

But, in every title that I tried out, from the latest Asphalt racing title to the latest Hungry Shark from FGOL, the games performed brilliantly. And the same should hold true for more computationally demanding titles too. Especially since I didn’t notice any major hangups in video or photo editing either. And those tasks tend to be even more demanding.

Similarly, there were no hangups in reading, video streaming, or music playback either. And this tablet, like others in the lineup, comes with a dedicated and automatic game mode. So it should play any of the latest greatest titles your kids want to check out without hiccups or drawbacks. Despite the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro price tag.


Summarily, if you need a value-friendly, gaming-ready tablet for your kids, this is the one to beat.

Battery life is stellar from this tablet, charging is not

04 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review battery DG AH 2021
This battery should keep your kids entertained for the long road trips of summer

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet lasts a long time. Or, at the very least, it did during my review battery test. In total, the tablet lasted 11 hours and 45 minutes. And that’s just screen-on time. I also left the gadget on standby for around an hour.

That time was split as the children in my life generally split their usage. With four-and-a-half hours dedicated to music streaming and just 15-minutes shy of that on video. A further hour-and-a-half went to gaming. With more generalized usage such as web browsing, searching, and reading taking up around 1.5-hours.


Now, it’s worth noting that battery life is a subjective matter. For my usage, I kept the screen brightness maxed out and volume too. On this Kids edition version of the tablet, the system continuously tried to lower brightness and volume. Presumably, to more child-friendly and battery-friendly levels. But I didn’t allow that.

So, my usage should be near the extreme side of the battery drain scale. However, the apps that are used will impact drain too. So your mileage will vary.

In terms of charging, I was less impressed by this tablet. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro took more than an hour and a half to hit 50-percent charged under review. With consideration to the battery drain to fill ratio, that’s not great by any stretch. It took right around four hours and ten minutes to fully charge.

Thankfully, this tablet is meant for children. So this shouldn’t present too big an issue for most. But it is unquestionably an area where Amazon could stand to improve its devices. Faster charging rates are, after all, readily available.

Better audio than most similarly-priced tablets

05 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review audio DG AH 2021
Amazon has kept the 3.5mm audio jack and charging via USB-C with Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Now, as shown in the images above, my Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review unit — and all such devices from Amazon — came with a 3.5mm audio jack. That means, if need be, you can use a standard pair of headphones instead of Bluetooth. But even that shouldn’t be necessary with this tablet. That is unless you’re a parent trying to get some quiet time. In that case, headphones are going to sound great through this tablet.

Where most Android-based tablets — and tablets in general — feature awful speakers, Fire HD 10 Kids Pro comes with Dolby Atmos support. And the sound that pushes is driven over dual-top-firing speakers. So the sound here is actually quite good, although it lacks real bass punch due to the size of the speakers.

What it lacks in punch, Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro makes up for in frequency coverage, clarity, and volume.

The drawback of that, of course, is that some songs and media are going to come across as tinny. But not so tinny as is often the case with mobile phone speakers. Meaning that this tablet will offer one of the best sound experiences for your kids. Especially compared to others in its price bracket.

Software with Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is tailor-made for children & parents

Amazon curates this software based on your needs and your kids’ ages

On the software side of things, this Kids Pro tablet is essentially the same as the Amazon Fire HD 10 that Android Headlines recently had the opportunity to review. Summarily, that means that this tablet runs all Amazon software but no Google apps or software. And with a custom UI that’s very different from other systems built on Amazon. With a three-tab home screen for recommendations, installed content, and a profile tab.

The primary difference here is, of course, that this is a Kids model tablet. And the software reflects that from startup through use. Not least of all with the included 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, providing free access to over 20,000 books, Audible audiobooks, videos, apps, and games at no extra cost. All the way up to and including some curated content for teens. As well as music stations from iHeartRadio Family.

That subscription, of course, can be used across all compatible Echo, Kindle, Fire TV, iOS, and Android devices. And, after the year ends, typically costs $2.99 per month.

Another perk to the software on Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is the parental controls. Parents have full access to their children’s activity, with ready access to the Parent Dashboard in the mobile app or online. And complete control over exactly what curated content is provided and what apps or experiences can be accessed. A custom-filtered browser is accessible there too. Giving parents even more peace of mind on that front.

Additionally, parents can choose to share non-curated content directly. Effectively giving parents control to bypass those controls as they see fit. Easily making this one of the best software experiences around when it comes to introducing the mobile experience to children. And when it comes to teaching good online and device use habits.

Of course, the sole caveat to that is that even the Amazon Appstore is only available in a limited capacity on this tablet. So getting new apps can end up being a shared experience rather than one the kids can undertake on their own. All depending on the settings for curation. But that may not be much of a caveat to most parents.

In the meantime, all of those controls, throughout my review of Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro, worked exactly as expected. With no hiccups to speak of. And so did the rest of the software experience.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro isn’t a DSLR but isn’t a terrible starter camera either

07 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review camera DG AH 2021
Fire HD 10 Kids Pro gives kids an acceptable starter camera

As has been mentioned in many reviews of tablets in the past, these types of devices are just not great on the camera front. Not only does the aim for value-pricing hinder the ability to include great hardware. But the software experience tends to be limited to very few extra features. And the size of the tablets makes keeping stable for crystal clear shots difficult.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro didn’t do a whole lot better than other tablets under review. Edges in shots aren’t crystalline. Dark-to-light contrasts — and vice versa — don’t hold up well in terms of detail or color. There’s no night mode and dimly-lit shots turn out terribly. And movement, as shown in the image above, results in significant blur.

Having said that, this tablet did perform better than the above-mentioned entry-level Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. Color accuracy from this snapper is on par with many top-dollar devices if the lighting is right. And videos work out well-enough too. As long as there’s not too much hand-shake and lighting is good.

Perhaps surprisingly, the front-facing 2-megapixel snapper is even clearer than the 5-megapixel rear snapper though. And that means that video chatting and self-recording are good enough for kids getting started with TikTok. Or for keeping in touch via an Alexa feature we’ll discuss in the next segment.

In short, for those who don’t want to buy their kids a dedicated camera. Or a smartphone with a far superior camera across the board, this tablet will perform well as an entry-level gadget for that purpose.

Connectivity is rock solid, with one great feature that’s well worth discussion

Stay connected and keep safe, wherever, with Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro only comes in a single connectivity configuration — Wi-Fi — but that worked great under review. As did Bluetooth. And, as noted above, the connections via the 3.5mm audio jack and USB-C 2.0 port are solid. With no unwanted wiggle to speak of, even with significant jostling.

But Amazon didn’t only want kids to be relegated to exploring the web, listening to music, and playing games with this tablet. In fact, it includes full-fledged Amazon Alexa AI too. Summarily, that meant that I was able to make video and voice calls using this tablet. As well as interacting with connected devices to send announcements.

That should go a long way toward keeping keeps safe, in case they need help. But Amazon doesn’t just let the tablet call just anybody. It’s also set up the tablet so that parents can set approved contacts. Ensuring that they’ll be able to interact and connect with friends and family. While making it easier to keep kids safe when they do make video calls.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is the best children’s tablet you could buy

09 Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review final DG AH 2021
This tablet is designed to take whatever kids can throw at it

Far beyond its deeply integrated parental controls and settings, each of which worked great under review with no hiccups, Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is the best tablet you could buy for your kids. Not only is it powerful enough to handle whatever apps or games you choose to approve. It offers access to all of the features and tools you’d need to teach safe online and tablet habits. And without sacrificing too much on cameras, audio quality, or battery life.

Better still, it does all of that for much less money than many competitors. Making it one of the highest-value offerings on the market. Without consideration for the included ruggedized case. Or for the available accessories bundle, which undoubtedly offer an even higher value.

Summarily this is it if you want the best bang for your buck and to give your children a great tablet experience at the same time. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is the best opportunity for that and a whole lot more.