YouTube Shorts Now Rolling Out To All Creators In The US

AH YouTube Shorts 1

YouTube Shorts is rolling out to all creators in the US, the company confirmed in a recent Creator Insider video. The TikTok-inspired short-form video experience on YouTube first launched in September last year in India, where TikTok is banned. In March this year, the feature rolled out to select creators in the US as part of a beta test. It is now rolling out publicly and widely to all creators in the country. YouTube hopes to complete the rollout within the next week.

Of course, any user could already publish short vertical videos of up to 60 seconds long on YouTube. However, with the Shorts camera on the app, you also get access to several proprietary editing tools that you can use to make your presentation more appealing. Those include new filters and effects, captions, and more.

The Shorts camera also lets you record videos up to 60 seconds long. However, you cannot use music from the YouTube library for those videos. The videos are capped at 15 seconds if you use music from the YouTube library. There are various filters, effects, and editing tools within the camera that will let you “color-correct” or change the “vibe” of your videos. YouTube promises to add “tons” more filters and effects to Shorts more in the future.


YouTube Shorts will also support auto-captions. So any speech in the video will be automatically transcribed. However, you can manually add captions to your videos as well. Viewers will be able to toggle between the automatic and manual captions.

Shorts will replace the Explore tab in the YouTube app

The arrival of Shorts means YouTube is removing the Explore tab in the bottom bar to make room for the new feature. Shorts will take this spot while Explore will move to the top-left corner of the app, alongside those topic-wise distributed feeds of recommended content. Since Explore basically does the same job – let you discover new and trending videos from creators you may not have seen before – YouTube believes this row is a natural position for the Explore tab. The company says it will notify users of this change with in-app reminders soon.

Apart from announcing a wider rollout of YouTube Shorts, the latest Creator Insider video also reveals several other recent developments in the YouTube world. Those include the availability of YouTube Kids in 107 countries and 13 territories. There are also a few updates for creators. You can watch the video embedded below for more details.