YouTube 'Listening Controls' Bring Music Controls To Main App

YouTube AH NS 08

YouTube Music is the music platform for YouTube, rivaling the likes of Spotify and Prime Music. Regardless, YouTube looks like it will be making it easier to listen to music on their main app. This feature is only in the testing stage for the time being.

YouTube Listening Controls were spotted on the iOS version of the app

It’s always annoying getting prompted to switch to the YouTube Music app when looking at music-related content on YouTube. Well, according to 9To5Google, YouTube is looking to eliminate that annoyance with dedicated music controls in the main app.

For the time being, it looks like iOS will be the main platform for testing out this new feature. The only footage that was captured of the YouTube listening controls took from an iPhone. There’s no word on which model of iPhone was used to record the footage. Hopefully, the controls will arrive on Android soon.


The YouTube listening controls are pretty typical for a media player

When you come across a music video, on the main app, a button will pop up on the bottom of the screen, prompting the user to open up the music controls. A panel will slide up from the bottom with the typical controls you’d expect to see on a media player. You’ll see the play, pause, next track, previous track, rewind ten seconds, and fast-forward ten seconds buttons.

Below those controls, you’ll see controls intrinsic to YouTube. There’s the ‘like’ option- though, there’s no ‘dislike’ option. There’s the option to save the video to a playlist and the playback speed controls. These are the typical speed controls we’ve been seeing on YouTube for a few years now.

The controls might drive people back to the main app

Having these controls at users’ fingertips just might entice them to opt for the main app. On YouTube Music, you have the run-of-the-mill music controls. These new listening controls are also pretty typical, however, you’ll have additional options. You’ll be able to rewind and fast-forward your music and control the speed with the listening controls on the main app. You can not do these with YouTube Music. These could make listening a bit more convenient for some users.


If you’re excited about these controls, you need to keep in mind that this is only for YouTube Premium members. Also, there’s no word on when we should expect to see this feature launch to the public. This is a silent beta that YouTube is testing.