Your "Favorite" Quibi Shows Will Land On Roku, Starting May 20

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After Roku paid an undisclosed amount of money for Quibi back in January, we knew that its content would be coming to The Roku Channel. And it appears that is happening next week. Roku announced today, that 30 of the popular Quibi shows would be landing on The Roku Channel on May 20.

The entire library will come to The Roku Channel a bit later on. That includes all 75 titles from Quibi’s service. Roku will make them available for free to everyone using a Roku device in the US, Canada and the UK.

What shows are coming to Roku immediately?

We know that there will be 75 titles coming to The Roku Channel eventually, but for now, it’s just 30. And here’s the full list:


#FreeRayshawn, About Face, Bad Ideas with Adam Devine, Barkitechture, Big Rad Wolf, Blackballed, Centerpiece, Chrissy’s Court, Cup of Joe, Die Hart, Dishmantled, Dummy, Fight Like a Girl, Flipped, The Fugitive, Gayme Show, Iron Sharpens Iron, Last Looks, Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand, Most Dangerous Game, Murder House Flip, Murder Unboxed, Nightgowns, Prodigy, Punk’d, Reno 911! (Season 7 only), Royalties, Shape of Pasta, Thanks a Million, and You Ain’t Got These. 

These will all be available for free on The Roku Channel. So as long as you have a Roku streaming player, TV, or a soundbar, you’ll be able to watch these. Currently, The Roku Channel has over 250,000 movies and TV shows that are available to stream for free. As well as hundreds of linear TV channels – it added 25 yesterday alone.

The Roku Channel is really starting to become pretty impressive, considering it’s all free content. It’s a way for Roku to make some extra money from its users, since they don’t buy new hardware that often. So there are ads included in The Roku Channel. But they aren’t overdone. And since it’s free, you kind of expect that.