You Can Make Google Duo Calls On Samsung's Newest TVs

Screen Shot 2021 05 20 at 12 35 59 PM

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs that were announced at CES back in January, are able to host Google Duo chats. And now, that Google Duo app is finally available on these new TVs.

Now, in order to use Duo with these TVs, you will need to use a USB camera, as the TV doesn’t have a camera built-in. But the Neo QLED TVs are able to run Duo natively on the TV. Just login to your Google account and you’re good to go. Of course, calls with Google Dup are free.

The app on Samsung Neo QLED TVs can support up to 12 users in a single call.


Additionally, if you own the Galaxy S21, you are able to mirror your Duo call from your phone to the big screen. Which might be easier than finding a camera to plug into the USB port on Samsung’s new Neo QLED TV. Though it should be super simple to set up a camera, just plug it in, and it should work.

Samsung has not announced which models are compatible, but we do know the entire QLED TV line from 2021 is compatible.

Perfect setup for conference rooms

While we are starting to get back into the office, after the pandemic, it’s unlikely that video conferencing is going away. It’ll still be part of our lives in many ways. And adding a Samsung Neo QLED TV to your company’s conference room can be very useful for making Google Duo calls with clients or others that are not at the office that day.


Especially since it sounds like hybrid working will be very popular, post COVID-19. Where some workers come into the office a couple of days a week and work from home the rest of the week.

Don’t be shocked if you see other TV makers announcing support for Google Duo or other video conferencing software (like Zoom and WebEx) in the very near future.