Xiaomi's MIUI 13 Coming Next Month, A Lot Of Phones Will Get It

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Xiaomi is in the midst of pushing MIUI 12.5 on its devices, but MIUI 13 is already said to be coming, and soon. Based on the provided information, MIUI 13 is coming on June 25.

Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 update is seemingly coming on June 25

Sources from China are suggesting that it will launch in Q2, while June 25 dated is tipped. Do note that Xiaomi still did not officially confirm this information. If it’s true, though, the confirmation will come soon.

MIUI 13 is coming to a lot of phones, but not devices older than 2019. That means that the Mi 9, Mi MIX 3, Redmi 8, and Redmi Note 8, for example, won’t end up getting the update at all.


Another thing worth noting is that the Chinese variant will arrive on June 25, it seems. That launch will reveal a lot of detail regarding MIUI 13 in general, even though the global variant will be somewhat different.

Most of the features that Xiaomi will present will be the same, but some of them may be China-exclusive. The same goes for some apps that the company is expected to include as well.

No specific features leaked out, but that will probably change soon

There’s no word on upcoming features, though. We do expect some animation tweaks, as it’s the case every year. New themes and wallpapers will also be included, along with security improvements.


We don’t know anything about new features, though. Xiaomi will almost certainly announce quite a few of them, as that is the case every year. The company is doing a good job keeping everything under wraps, at least for now.

We are expecting some information to leak out before the launch, though. If that happens, we’ll do our best to report back. When it comes to devices that will receive this update, there are too many to note. The company’s flagships, such as the Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, and Mi MIX Fold, will probably be first in line to get it, though. Followed by the Mi 11 Lite.