Viber Messenger Ups The Ante, Adds More Video Call Participants

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Viber Messenger is now allowing even more participants in its group video call feature. That’s based on recent reports detailing an update to the app. But the change isn’t just hitting mobile either. Now, regardless of which platform Viber is used on, as many as 30 users can all be in on a single video call.

How does this help Viber Messenger and what else is there for this video call app?

Of course, Viber also added some other features on top of increasing the participant limit for the video call feature by 10. Community admins now have a bit more control too. They’ll now be able to set a different alias They can now set an alias when they post something to their community. That includes not only a different name but also a different profile image.

Overall, these changes likely seem on the minor side of things. But this also puts the number of participants that can be in a Viber video call more in line with other top video calling apps. That, in turn, helps the company hold its position in the market and could potentially help spur growth. With the continuing Covid-19 pandemic keeping people home, users will now have one more option to turn to.


The sole caveat to that is, of course, that the overall interface hasn’t changed. Rather than seeing everybody all at once, users will only see six participants. Accessing others requires a swipe-left gesture on the call screen. Some other apps do support more on-screen users all at once.

Viber is still free, too, of course

Viber Messenger is also still free for anybody who wants to check it out on the Google Play Store. That’s with the exception of some sticker packs used in the more standard chat feature. So it does stand apart from at least some competitors in terms of offering features without a paid subscription.

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