Verizon Is Bundling Apple Arcade & Google Play Pass With Select Unlimited Plans

Google Play Pass March 2021 new games

Verizon is continuing to build some really impressive bundles for its unlimited plans. Announcing today that it is adding up to a year of Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass “on us”. Unfortunately, it is only good for up to 12 months, and not good for the life of your plan, like the Disney+ bundle.

It is also great to see that Verizon is offering both Apple and Google’s version of their mobile gaming service, instead of it being one or the other. Both are priced at $4.99 per month, normally. And they include some really great games that you can play on your smartphone, for free as part of this subscription service.

If you are on the Start and Do More Unlimited plans, you’ll get six months or Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. While those on Play More and Get More Unlimited plans will get 12 months free. This starts tomorrow, on May 25. You can claim your 6 or 12 months of service for free through the Verizon app.


Verizon is building some impressive bundles

While competitors were looking to create their own streaming service (Verizon was one of those at one point, remember Go90?), Verizon is looking to create bundles that give you these services for free. It already bundles Disney+ (or the Disney+ bundle), Apple Music and discovery+ with its unlimited plans for free. And now it is adding Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass for free. Of course, we can’t forget about the free PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now service that it offered as well.

So not only are you getting service on the best wireless network in the US, but you’re getting all of this other free content and services too. This is the way bundles should be done, according to Verizon.

With Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, Verizon is touting that this is the best gaming experience on your smartphone. Bundling it with their 5G Ultra Wideband network, making it easier to play games on the go.