US Mobile Launches Pooled Plans With Shared Data

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US Mobile, one of the smaller MVNO’s in the country right now, has launched its new Pooled Plans. Which gives customers a ton of customization for shared data. Allowing customers to share data among as many devices as they want, on a single bill.

US Mobile’s CEO and founder, Ahmed Khattak stated that “Pooled Plans offer a new level of customizability that hasn’t been seen before. These plans are tailored to fit your exact needs, down to the gigabyte. We’re proud to expand our product offerings, and we can’t wait for customers to experience it.”

Customers can create a Pooled Plan for as low as $10 per line, with two lines sharing a single gigabyte of data. Customers also have the ability to add 1GB top up to their plan for only $2 at any time. US Mobile says that a family of four could sign up for a 8GB Pooled Plan and only pay $13 per line, per month.


It’s worth noting that taxes are included in the plan, the only additional fee is the Regulatory Cost Recovery charge of $0.48  per line.

What do Pooled Plans get you?

With these Pooled Plans, US Mobile includes unlimited talk and text. As well as 4G and 5G speeds, available depending on your area. US Mobile runs on Verizon’s network, so the speeds are pretty fast.

It also includes Mobile Hotspot, though the data is shared from the pool.


You can also organize and label lines with names to easily identify them. There’s a dashboard with real time reporting and usage analytics, so you can easily see who and what is using up your data. There are usage alerts available when you are running low on data. And the ability to snooze and resume lines at any time.

If you don’t need unlimited data and are looking to save some cash on your bill, then these Pooled Plans from US Mobile are definitely worth taking advantage of.

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