Twitter Rolls Out Taller Image Crops For Android And iOS Today

Twitter AH NS 08

Twitter today announced that it’s rolling out image crops for its Android and iOS apps that allow for taller, bigger, better images in posts. Of course better is really a subjective term. As there are surely some users who will not appreciate the taller image crops that Twitter has to offer.

Nevertheless, this is a change that’s happening. Having said that it’s also a change that applies to the Android and iOS apps only. As taller crops don’t seem to be supported on Twitter for the web. Twitter also refrains from mentioning PC at all in its announcement.

So it’s likely that this won’t be showing up for PC users. For mobile users, the change should already be visible.


Twitter image crops on mobile are basically gone now

As is the joy from posting any “open for the surprise” images. If you were a user that falls into this category, you can probably get around the change by posting really, really tall images. But for the majority of users, this is a positive change that brings in quality of life to the app experience.

Now when you tweet you probably won’t have to worry so much about the dimensions of the image you include. Is your picture too tall? Who cares. Because image previews in the app should show all of or most of the image moving forward.

See Twitter’s post below for an example of what this looks like. In short, or in this case tall, image previews are more forgiving. It also makes it possible for users viewing posts in their feed to preview an entire image without having to tap on it. Which in turn makes it easier to continue scrolling through the feed and consuming more content.



A better image experience overall on Android

If you use the app more on Android than you do on the web, the experience of posting or viewing images using the mobile app is much better now overall.


Twitter recently rolled out 4K image support for all mobile users. So in pairing with this new cropping change, you can post bigger taller images that may just be 4K resolution and they’ll be perfectly visible to all mobile users. The same goes for you when viewing photos like this posted by others.