Twitter Chirp Font Starts Rolling Out For Twitter's Web Version

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Twitter Chirp font has started rolling out for Twitter on the web. Back in January, the microblogging website announced a new branded font family called Chirp for its products.

User reports suggests that the new Twitter Chirp font was kept under wraps. However, the font started to roll out to the web version of the social media platform on May 11, according to Android Police.

The contrast between the old and new font sets vary. The adjustments to letter shapes are harder to spot in some of the bold headers. The newly added font is quite distinct and easy to notice.


Twitter Chirp font is a blend of different styles

On May 31, the official Twitter Support account announced the company will be replacing Helvetica Neue font with the Gotham font. Twitter says the new font is based on a combination of the European Grotesque and American Gothic styles.

According to the social network company, Twitter Chirp font strikes a perfect “balance between messy and sharp.” This makes it both serious, as well as fun.

Twitter has named the new fonts as Chirp Regular, Chirp Bold, and Chirp Black, according to @BOVINEDREAMZ. Moreover, they all belong to the general Chirp Serif family.


Segoe UI was previously used for Twitter on Windows OS. Derrit DeRouen had indicated that the company is likely to use Chirp as a typeface for its products. He is the Creative Director of Twitter.


Twitter testing Chirp font for web

DeRouen did not reveal details about the timeframe for the aforesaid plans. The new typeface was created in collaboration with Grilli Type Foundry. Moreover, it supports a myriad of fun features such as a ligature spotted by Jane Wong.

The ligature transforms [CHIRPBIRDICON] into the Twitter logo. However, it didn’t seem to be live when Android Police tested it on May 11.

If user reports are anything to go by, Twitter began rolling out the new font on May 10. However, the content of these reports are unclear. As a result, it is hard to determine any similarities among those who have it.

Android Police found that the new typography was universally live for the web version of Twitter on desktop, and iOS devices. There is a possibility that it may be present on some other platforms or devices.


The font’s appearance could vary based on other requirements and details. Some Twitter users have described the new font sets as bolder and easier to read.