Twitter Blue Subscription Will Offer Several Add-On Features For $2.99 Per Month

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Twitter seems to have accidentally confirmed the Twitter Blue subscription service. Earlier this month, it was reported that Jane Manchun Wong has made an interesting discovery.

According to Wong, Twitter was gearing up to introduce a paid version of the app. On May 15, she took to her Twitter account to divulge more details about the aforesaid subscription service.

Aside from revealing that it will be called Twitter Blue, Wong said the subscription will set you back $2.99 per month. Moreover, it will offer an impressive array of features that will set its subscribers apart from the rest of Twitterverse.


Twitter Blue subscription features

Wong suggested that subscribers will be given access to a slew of add-on features that improve their on-platform experience. It is worth mentioning here that Twitter has neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

As previously reported by SocialMediaToday, Twitter will offer a feature called undo tweets. This will enable users to withdraw their sent tweets within 5-10 seconds of posting.

Undo tweets isn’t similar to tweet editing. The social media giant will also offer a feature that will allow users to place their saved tweets in various categories.

They will be able to put their saved tweets into assigned topic folders. This feature will prove to be quite helpful for eCommerce listings, which Twitter is currently working on.

The next feature is called Reader Mode and it is still in development. This mode will allow users to “turn tweet threads into easy to read text.”


Moreover, a feature called color theme would enable users to choose from a wide range of color options for their tweet display. This feature is currently available on the desktop.

Finally, Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to access a slew of new custom app icons. These app icons can be used on their device.

Is Twitter Blue subscription worth $2.99 per month to you?

Twitter does not need a considerable number of its users to sign on to its new subscription service to make it worth developing. The platform has 199 million daily active users at the moment.


So, even if 1 percent of them sign-up, Twitter would make around $6 million per month indirect revenue. Eventually, more people are likely to sign up, making it a hugely profitable addition.

While features that allow you to change color themes may not mean a lot to some users, but there are people who find such customization features highly appealing. Nevertheless, those who aren’t interested in such customization can continue using Twitter as they always have.