Twitter For Android Finally Gets DM Search Feature

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Twitter for Android is finally getting a much-needed and long-awaited feature – the ability to search direct messages (DM). This features rolled out on iOS and the web back in October 2019, after testing began in August. Now, nearly two years later, Twitter is bringing DM search to its Android app as well.

According to the official announcement, it will be an improved version of the existing feature and is rolling out across all platforms. It allows you to search through your entire messaging history on Twitter, and not just the recent conversations. However, you can still only search the name of the sender. Twitter says it is currently working on the ability to search the content of messages. It hopes to roll out this feature “later this year.”

Two years after its iOS launch, DM search finally arrives on Twitter for Android

The ability to search direct messages is a really handy feature to have, particularly if you have lots of direct conversations. However, Twitter’s Android app hasn’t had this feature all this while. To see months or years-old messages from a friend or a client, users had to either scroll down endlessly to find that conversation or search for their profile and tap on the message button to open up the conversation. Of course, this is a painfully cumbersome process.


Now, with a DM search bar at the top, you can search for the conversation directly without going to the user’s profile first. You still need to remember the username of the sender though and hope they haven’t changed their username. You’re out of luck if you don’t remember the name or aren’t sure who had sent you that particular message. You’ll need to wait for Twitter to roll out the ability to search the content of messages for that. The company says it will be available later this year but doesn’t specify an exact timeframe.

Twitter, which now has nearly 200 million daily active users, has rolled several minor but notable features to its platform in recent times. New fonts, a tipping feature for creators to make money, and the ability to upload and view 4K images on mobile apps are some of the recent additions.

Spaces is another Twitter feature that recently rolled out to users worldwide. It’s a Clubhouse-style audio chat room that lets you make audio-based conversations on the platform. Twitter is also testing voice messages in DMs up to 140-seconds long.