Toshiba Announces New Fire TV Models, Starting At $349

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Amazon and Toshiba today announced a new lineup of Fire TVs from Toshiba. These range from 43-inches to 75-inches and come in as low as $349. They are available for pre-order now, however there’s no date as to when these will start shipping.

The Toshiba C350 series come in 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch models, and all are 4K. So there’s something available for everyone. Hardware has been updated here. So there’s expanded flash memory available this time around, along with an additional HDMI port. There’s also a new USB port and a thinner bezel. Making the C350 look more high-end, while still being affordable.

Toshiba’s new Fire TV models come with live view Picture-in-Picture

One of the new features of these new Fire TV models, is the live view Picture-in-Picture. Allowing you to be able to pull up any of your security cameras or doorbells on-screen, while still watching live TV, Netflix, or whatever else you may be watching. So you can check on the baby and make sure they are asleep, or see who’s at the door without pausing your movie.


You can use Alexa for this as well. Just say, “Alexa, preview my front door camera.”Additionally, when someone rings the doorbell, a Live View Picture-in-Picture video feed will appear on top of what you are watching. So you can see them.

Of course, these TVs all have your favorite Fire TV apps like Netflix, HBO MAX, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video and more. As well as Alexa included, so you can keep tabs on your smart home products, and of course ask Alexa questions about all sorts of things.

You can pre-order the new Toshiba Fire TV models today. The 43-inch model starts at $349, and the 50-inch is $469. Unfortunately, the other sizes are not yet available for pre-order but that should change really soon. You can click here to pre-order them.


Pre-Order Toshiba C350 Fire TVs