Top Android Games To Earn Bitcoin From

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There is always new and more advanced technology that’s incorporated into the gaming world every now and again. Lately, Android games to earn bitcoin have become more popular since blockchain technology is now taking over the world. Conventional games are now turning into blockchain networks where in-game tokens and assets can be traded into cryptocurrencies. The value of the token you earn in the games will be based on the demand and availability in the marketplace.

Some games to earn crypto are just available to play on the browser and may even require additional support software. However, game developers have finally come out with downloadable Android games to earn bitcoin.


CryptoPop has similar gameplay to candy crush. Instead of candy, however (which is what the game derives its name from), it has symbols for cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. These symbols are covered by balloons that you need to combine to earn money. The more points you earn, the more money you will win! They can pay you in Ethereum, pop-coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoins, IDEX, etc. You can download it from the Android Google Play Store.



You can easily download CropBytes on Android and iOS and start playing right away! While you can earn cryptocurrency through the game, it is connected to an online wallet called Tron that you will have to get. You will receive coins in the game for leveling up or completing challenges, which you can exchange for cryptocurrency. It is a simulation game where you have to excel at different roles. If you pick the role of an investor or trader, you will have different challenges to meet – say, a farmer role. For every role, there is a chance to earn in big numbers. You can also visit thecryptogenius.io for more information.

You will be able to mine and trade in open markets with the value of the coins dictated by the condition of the market. There are some factors that the value of the coins is based on such as supply and the activities of the users. The earnings are calculated in TRX terms. Soon, the 3D version will also be out.

Merge Cats

Merge Cats is one of the easiest Android games to earn bitcoin. It is similar to candy crush except with cats. To move up the level, you have to merge as many cats as possible and then sort through them in a particular order. The more you merge, the more points (and coins) you make.


OX Universe

OX Universe is an unusual game that incorporates space, space crafts, and intergalactic travel. You get a chance to build new space crafts to explore new planets across the universe. The high-end graphics make it quite fun to explore the new worlds and go on missions to extract resources.

However, the game isn’t entirely free. You have to either unlock parts of the spacecraft or purchase new ones. When you discover new worlds, you also have to purchase them to explore. To travel around the universe, you will have to pay to launch a rocket. To earn money, you have to invest some into the game. The spaceships you have created can be sold to earn cryptocurrency, but you will need to install the Arkane wallet to do so.

The Android games to earn bitcoin are some fun ways to mine more coins! These games are designed to make mining for cryptocurrency more fun and easy. These games are designed to help you have fun while learning about cryptocurrencies while earning digital tokens.