[UPDATE: It's Done] The US Will Remove Xiaomi From Its Blacklist

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UPDATE: The US has removed Xiaomi from its blacklist. Xiaomi has confirmed that via its official Twitter handle.

ORIGINAL: It seems like the US has agreed to remove Xiaomi from its blacklist. This information comes from Bloomberg, as a filing has been spotted in the US courts. The US Department of Defense has affirmed that a final order removing Xiaomi from the blacklist “would be appropriate”.

The US will remove Xiaomi from its blacklist, details coming soon

That’s not all, though. The filing says that the two parties have “agreed upon a path forward that would resolve this litigation without the need for contested briefing”. The specific terms will be issued on May 20, it seems.


For those of you who are not familiar with the situation, Xiaomi was added to a blacklist by the Trump administration back in early January. It was accused of being a “Communist Chinese Military Company”.

What did that mean for Xiaomi? Well, it aimed to prevent US investors from investing in Xiaomi. That would also see Xiaomi delisted from US exchanges.

Xiaomi was quick to deny such accusations. The company stated that it’s an independent, publicly traded company. It managed to win a temporary injunction against blacklisting back in March.


Based on this report, we’ll find out more on May 20, when all details will likely be officially announced. Things are looking up for Xiaomi, that’s for sure. This only comes as icing on the cake.

Xioami is making strides in the smartphone market, especially in Europe

Xiaomi managed to become the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in Europe in Q1, trumping Apple. Xiaomi grew on a global scale as well, as it managed to pick up quite a few Huawei users along the way.

Both IDC and Counterpoint Research confirmed Xiaomi’s YoY growth, and it seems like it will only continue this year. The company is expanding continuously in Europe, and is doing a great job at grabbing market share.


Xiaomi recently announced its first foldable smartphone in China, and that device will likely arrive to other markets soon as well. Two more foldable smartphones are expected this year, the same goes for the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4.