TCL 20 Pro 5G Joins Ranks As Official Android 12 Preview Partner

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TCL has now officially announced participation in the Android 12 Developer Preview Program via its TCL 20 Pro 5G. That means that developers and early adopters who happen to own the TCL handset or who plan on picking one up can use the device to try out the upcoming update ahead of its official stable release. The company made the announcement in conjunction with Google’s I/O 2021 event.

This Android 12 Beta will ultimately benefit all TCL mobile users

Of course, TCL isn’t the only company joining up as an official partner in the Developer Preview Program for Android 12 today. But the company did highlight how this new development will impact its mobile business. Pointing specifically to its commitment to provide “fast and easy access to the latest Android software updates and features.”

Enrollment in the program, summarily, allows TCL and developers alike to explore new features, the company says. Especially as those pertain to ‘enhanced stability, compatibility, and connectivity.’ All while also allowing the company to gain valuable feedback from developers, with regard to how the software is performing on its hardware.


That should, in turn, enable a better experience for users on TCL Mobile devices. As well as on the wider array of available Android handsets. Google will likely gain plenty of feedback of its own from the developers as well.

Fast work for a relatively new addition to the Android family

Now, many know that TCL has previously been responsible for a variety of handsets from BlackBerry to Alcatel. But it is fairly young as a mobile brand. The company launched its first run of TCL Mobile devices at CES 2020 and the TCL 20 series was only just announced earlier this year.

In the interim, the company has also worked in collaboration with Google as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program. That’s in addition to forging new paths for technology such as its NXTVISION display optimization software, among other advancements.