SteelSeries Intros Multi-Genre Rival 5 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 5 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries is taking a page out of Razer’s book with a multi-genre gaming mouse called the Rival 5. Though not entirely the same as Razer’s Naga Pro, a jack of all trades in its own right, the Rival 5 gaming mouse from SteelSeries is more than equipped to help you play optimally for various types of games.

Maybe you mostly play FPS titles like Call Of Duty but perhaps you’ve been testing the waters with MOBAs or battle royale games. The Rival 5 can handle it all with its 9-button layout. This doesn’t look like the best option for MMO players. Which can rely heavily on a gaming mouse with more than 12 buttons.

Then again this is a little bit of preference. The Rival 5 will certainly work for any game genre.


The secret sauce on the SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse is the toggle switch

There are a few special things about this mouse. Not the least of which is the 5-button quick panel on the left side where your thumb rests.

The secret sauce though, is with the toggle switch that can be found on that panel. SteelSeries says this allows players to execute ultra fast in-game actions. This sits just at the top edge of the left side. And is indeed a toggle switch that you can push up or down just like you would a light switch.

It provides customizable function so you can map it to whatever in-game actions you want to perform with lightning-fast precision. Then you still have a handful of other buttons to press for additional skills and abilities.


The mouse also only weighs about 85 grams. So it’s fairly lightweight and should move around your mouse mat pretty rapidly.

It only costs $60

While something like the Razer Naga Pro might be the best option for MMO players, it also costs $150. And that’s without the charging stand. The Rival 5 however is $60.

Which, isn’t a whole lot for a high-quality gaming mouse with this many nice features. SteelSeries definitely offers some more expensive options, too. But those tend to be wireless, whereas the Rival 5 is a wired option. And that’s certainly part of the lower cost.


The “wire” part of the Rival 5 is blanketed in a super mesh outer so the cable stays protected. And SteelSeries says that it helps the mouse feel lighter, as well as provide less drag for the cable when moving across the mat.

If the Rival 5 sounds like your bag, you can pick it up at the SteelSeries website. You can also pick it up at Best Buy’s website, and Amazon carries it as well, though at almost double the cost because it comes from a third-party seller.