Sony Is "Increasing PS5 Production" To End The Stock Shortage

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Sony is planning to increase PS5 production so it can end the stock shortage that’s been going since the console launched last Fall. Despite having stock issues of the new console from the start, Sony has sold close to 8 million consoles by the time it reached the end of its most recent quarter.

Making the PS5 Sony’s fastest selling console to date. Still, the PS5 has still been hard to get a hold of. On separate occasions, Sony has noted that PS5 shortages would likely continue for longer than anticipated. Back in the beginning of the year, Jim Ryan stated that PS5 shortages would probably last through April or May. More recently though, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki noted that he doesn’t think demand is calming down, and that PS5 shortages are expected to continue into 2022.

But, maybe that won’t actually be the case. And for those still trying to get their hands on a console, there might be hope of having an easier time making the purchase.


Jim Ryan says PS5 production will increase over the Summer

The good news for aspiring PS5 owners is that production will increase. And soon. According to Sony it will be kicking things up a notch over the Summer and throughout the year. So as time goes on consumers will have more opportunities to buy the console than before.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the stock shortages are going to go away. They could still continue into next year. Ryan says “production will be ramping up.” But he also says that they expect things to return to some sort of normality during that time period.

That means there is a possibility that stock could increase by a significant amount. But it’s just as likely that not much will change for the time being. As semiconductor shortages are still continuing globally and that’s causing production problems as well as stock shortages across the industry.


While stock issues have by no means settled down, they have gotten slightly better. In November and December of last year you’d be lucky to see restocks of the PS5 every week or two. Whereas now you get multiple drops in a week some weeks.

All of that said, it may still be a while before you can physically find the PS5 in stores. So for the time being consumers will have to continue dealing with competing for console purchases online.