PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Says Mobile Games Are Being Explored

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Sony PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is suggesting that the company is considering bringing some of its games to mobile devices.

In a recent corporate strategy meeting, Ryan stated that Sony is exploring mobile games from the collection of PlayStation franchises. Specifically he says that Sony is “exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises, so please stay tuned.”

The statement doesn’t specify any game franchises in particular. However, it won’t be hard to imagine the possibilities. Especially after Sony’s long run of popular exclusive titles. Sony had a mobile division for its games before. But ended up shutting it down quite a few years ago. About a year or two into the PS4’s life cycle.


PlayStation mobile games were hinted at back in April

While there have been a number of games from PlayStation on Android and iOS over the years, it’s been a while. However the first hints of a mobile division spinning back up came to light back in April.

When it was discovered that Sony was looking for a Head of Mobile for its PlayStation division. The job responsibilities noted that this person would be responsible for expanding the game development of console and PC to mobile and live services.

It also noted that the main focus would be adapting PlayStation’s biggest franchises for mobile. That job is no longer available, so it’s reasonable to assume that the role has been filled. And Sony is well underway to getting that division up and running so it can start working on producing content.


With that said though, there’s no telling how long it may be before any mobile games from PlayStation actually see a release. Or what those titles will be. With Sony having likely just filled the role for Head Of Mobile, finalized development of any games is probably still a way’s off.

PlayStation does have some games currently on mobile though. Both Run Sackboy! Run! and Uncharted Fortune Hunter are free mobile titles available to download. Having released back around 2016. In addition to mobile-only titles, Sony also has its PS Remote Play app. Which allows you to stream official PlayStation titles to your mobile device through a link to your PlayStation console.