PlayStastion App Update Adds Game File Management For PS5

Sony PlayStation App

The PlayStation app on Android now allows you to delete games from your PS5 console. Brining some much needed game file management to your system setup while you’re not actually in front of your system.

The feature is part of an app update that was pushed out this week. And while game file management is the big new feature addition, it’s not the only new change. Users will see a handful of other tweaks that Sony has implemented. Including the ability to compare your trophies with friends.

Curious to see if one of your friends has more trophies than you in a specific game? Well, even if you’re not at home you can still check out that information now.


Use the PlayStation app to delete games from your PS5

Yes, you can finally delete games off your PS5 console using the PlayStation app. This is only supported on the PS5 and not something you can access for your PS4.

To use this feature your PS5 will either have to be turned on or set in rest mode. As the app will need to be able to link to your console. Without being able to link to your console it can’t relay the commands to delete those game files.

If you like the sound of being able to delete games on the go, just be aware of the rest mode issue that the PS5 may still be having. In which case if you want access to the app’s file management feature, you might want to leave your PS5 powered on. Obviously you don’t want to just leave it on all day.


So it might also be a good idea to abstain from using this new feature unless you either won’t be gone long, or until Sony confirms the fix for rest mode.

Join multiplayer sessions from the app

Another cool new feature is the ability to join multiplayer gaming sessions directly from the app. You’ve been able to do this on the PS5 since the console launched back in November of 2020.

But with the addition of this feature in the app, you can join a session even if you happen to step away from your console for a few minutes. You can also now set filters in the PS Store for games, share media and links with friends in messages, and disable party notifications. It also comes with the general fixes and improvements.