SmartThings For Windows 10 Is Now Available But Lacks Some Features

Samsung Smartthings AH NS 02

According to 9to5Google Samsung, SmartThings for Windows 10 is finally here. Samsung’s SmartThings lets you control your smart connected devices. Since it is now available for Windows 10 a lot of users will be able to control their smart home from their PC while they work.

The app is available now on the Microsoft Store. So for any Samsung fans out there, you can swing by the store to install it. Any Samsung SmartThings devices you have are natively supported, so that is a good thing.

Natively supported devices include Samsung’s sensors, Philips Hue light bulbs, etc. However, if you are a fan of Google’s Nest line of devices here is some bad news. For some reason, SmartThings for Windows 10 does not support Google Nest devices. The app for smartphones has this support but not the Windows version.


Another pretty big feature missing is the ability to add new devices. It is nice that you can control your existing devices, but this seems like a pretty big omission. Also, it is cumbersome. You would still need the smartphone app in order to add devices just so you control them from your PC.

SmartThings for Windows 10 will let you control your devices but not add new ones yet

The Windows app seems to be more like a remote for controlling things. But it does lack the ability to add devices. This could be a big issue for some users. Google’s Nest devices are pretty popular. ADT and Google even recently teamed up to offer customers a next-generation smart home experience.

Now there are going to be some users who will have Nest devices but cannot control them with this version of SmartThings. Of course, there is still the Android version of SmartThings which allows you to do everything the PC version can’t. This includes adding devices too.


However, this is still welcome news for anybody who is tied into Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem. You still get some useful features. These include support for a favorites section, scenes, and a full list of devices broken down by room.

So, if you have been waiting for this version of SmartThings go ahead and swing by the Microsoft Store to install it now. This should make it easier to stay in work mode, but also control things that you may need. For example, maybe you are one of the people who like to have the perfect lighting while you are working.

Now you can create the perfect work environment to keep you from being stressed out by all of those meetings.