Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Could Debut New Adaptive UI

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 adaptive UI leak

According to a well-known tipster, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could debut a new adaptive UI. The information has been shared by Ice Universe, and the name of this UI could be ‘Split UI’.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 could debut a new adaptive UI, according to a tipster

Ice Universe shared several GIFs on Twitter, showing this new UI in action. The UI would basically adapt an app to screen size and orientation. It would depend on whether your phone is folded or not. Also, it would adapt it depending on whether it’s in portrait or landscape mode.

Below you can see all three GIFs, directly from Twitter. The first one shows the Samsung Avatar app, while the second is showing a YouTube app, or something close to it. The third GIF shows Samsung’s ‘Messages’ app.




We’re not sure if these GIFs have been created by a third party, or are they direct leaks, but Ice Universe seems to indicate this UI is coming, regardless. It’s hard to deny this seems interesting and exciting at the same time.

A UI like this could essentially fix Android tablets, it could make them a lot better than they are. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, when it expands, it’s basically a tablet, so… yeah. And yes, such an adaptive UI does make a lot more sense on foldables.

Developers would play a huge part in adoption of such a UI

The thing is, for apps to act in such a way, they need to be adapted by a developer. So every app should have to be coded in order to behave in such a way. That shouldn’t be a problem for Samsung’s very own apps, but for everything else, well… it could be.


Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, though, and many developers would be on board for something like this. As the popularity of foldables smartphones rises, so will the interest of developers to act and make their apps look better on such devices.

Google should do something like this on a system-level

It would be great to see Google do something like this in Android, for tablets and foldables. Google is rumored to release its first foldable smartphone this year, so… it would make sense.

Nothing of the sort was mentioned for Android 12, though, so we may have to wait a bit longer. Perhaps Samsung will inspire Google to implement something like that in Android 13, which would make developers more interested, without a doubt. We’ll see what will happen, but it would be great to see the ‘Split UI’ come to life with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.