Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite Tablet May Launch Under A Different Name

Leaked Galaxy Tab S7 Lite 5G renders show off design in full

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite may launch under a different name. The device was initially rumored to arrive as the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, but that name won’t be used either. According to a certification document from Bluetooth SIG, the device will carry the Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite name.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite to launch under a different name, in six variants

That name doesn’t make much more sense than the last one, but there you go. Six variants of this tablet got certified by Bluetooth SIG. Those variants are: SM-T730, SM-T735, SM-T735N, SM-T736B, SM-T736N, and SM-T737.

The Samsung SM-T730 is expected to be the Wi-Fi-only variant of the device. The SM-T735 and SM-T735N, on the other hand, will likely be 4G variants of the device. 5G models are also on the way, and those will likely be the SM-T736B and SM-T736N.


Based on the information provided by Bluetooth SIG, all of these tablets will ship with Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth SIG did not reveal much more information, though, as per usual.

Whatever its name ends up being, this tablet will ship with a 12.4-inch IPS LCD display, based on rumors. That display won’t offer a high refresh rate, though.

It will support the S Pen stylus

The device is expected to support the S Pen stylus, though. Stereo speakers will be included, along with a display camera hole on the front. In other words, the device will include a single front-facing camera.


Android 11 will come pre-installed, while the Snapdragon 750G SoC will fuel the tablet. You can expect to get 4GB of RAM here, along with 128GB of internal storage. Its storage will likely be expandable.

The Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite is expected to arrive in five colors, including black, blue, green, rose gold, and silver. We’re not sure how large will battery will be, but the device could offer 25W or 45W wired charging.

The Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite is expected to become official in the near future, stay tuned for that.


UPDATE: The device has been certified by the FCC as well.