The Full Rocket League Game Experience Could Hit Mobile This Year

Rocket League

Earlier this year, Epic Games and Psyonix announced Rocket League Side Swipe, a mobile version of the popular game set in a 2D design, and now it looks like the full game experience may be coming to mobile too, with a beta in tow.

According to documents uncovered by The Verge (via Android Police), Epic has a second Rocket League Project in the works that includes mobile. The first is obviously Rocket League Side Swipe as it was officially announced earlier this year. But the second is currently being referred to as a game called Rocket League “Next.”

Epic’s court documents from its battle against Apple describe the game as a next-generation client that delivers the full game experience. It also states this will be available on multiple platforms. Including PC, mobile, and consoles.


Rocket League “Next” has a beta planned for Q2 2021

On top of the full version of Rocket League being available on mobile, Epic seems to have a beta lined up soon. Q2 2021 seems to be the intended target. Though this is just Epic’s estimation and it could happen later.

Epic also appears to have an alpha planned. Neither Epic nor Psyonix have announced an alpha or a beta for this game. But if Epic wants a beta for Rocket League “Next” to happen in Q2, it’ll have to get the alpha out soon or forgo it altogether.

There isn’t a lot of detail on game specifics. Like how it will differ from the already available version on PC and consoles. But Epic does list some important features that will be a huge boon for players.


The game will support cross-progression and cross-play

This is the biggest part of the game that players should be excited about. Not any of the other features that have yet to be discovered. But the cross-progression and cross-play features.

Much like Fortnite, Epic is developing Rocket League “Next” so that it supports both of these features across all platforms. So that means you could play on mobile and still play with your friends that play on PC or console. Epic has been a pretty big proponent for cross-play in general. So it isn’t surprising to learn that it wants the same sort of ubiquity for Rocket League.

Before you get too excited though, it may not be arriving for consoles or PC anytime soon. The documents list that the alpha/beta is planned to arrive for mobile long before it releases on other platforms. So it’s very likely that a launch is a long way off.