Razer's New Blade 15 Advanced Is "Still The Best Gaming Laptop"

Razer Blade 15 Advanced

Razer today has announced its latest gaming laptop to hit the market, the new Blade 15 Advanced, which comes with Intel’s latest 11th Gen Core-H Series mobile CPUs.

Like all of Razer’s other gaming laptops, you can pick up the new Blade 15 Advanced in multiple configurations. Each new model is coming with NVIDIA 30 Series GPUs, just like Alienware’s new laptops. They also come with a variety of options for other specs like RAM, storage, display resolution and more.

Though the laptops don’t look any different on the outside, Razer has refreshed the internal components. And the company says the Blade 15 Advanced is “still the best gaming laptop” on the market. That is of course subjective and you can’t blame Razer for making such a statement. It believes in its product and so do many consumers. Having said that, the Blade 15 Advanced likely is the best gaming laptop for many people.


Razer’s Blade 15 Advanced comes with Intel’s latest 11th Gen Core-H series CPU

One of the big key changes on this version of the Blade 15 Advanced is the Core-H Series CPUs from Intel. You can get the laptop with a Core i7 or a Core i9. Both of which come with integrated Intel WiFi 6E AX210.

They also feature Thunderbolt 4 support among other things. New CPUs aren’t the only thing Razer is advertising though. NVIDIA’s 30 Series GPUs are also onboard. Though Razer did already offer these in earlier versions of the Blade 15 Advanced and Blade Pro.

The laptops also come with up to 32GB of RAM and up to a 1TB SSD. So, plenty of memory and plenty of storage for the latest games. You’ll need all that storage too with the sizes that some games are sitting at these days. We’re looking at you, Call Of Duty.


Razer is also using the same M.2 design for storage as previous laptops, with dual slots on 3070 models and above. This opens up the capability for easy storage expansion if 1TB just isn’t enough for you.

Availability starts today at $2,299

Considering an upgrade? Well you won’t have to wait if you have the cash to spend. Razer is already selling this new model as are some of its retail partners.

Configurations start at $2,299, but go way up from there. If you want the beefiest option, which comes with the RTX 3080 and a 60Hz 4K OLED touch screen, you’re looking at $3,399. Though, you’re probably better off going for the QHD model which comes with a 240Hz refresh rate at $2,999. Not only do you save $400, but those extra frames will make more of a difference in overall experience than the 4K resolution with the 60 fps cap.


New Razer Blade 15 Advanced