OnePlus Is Planning To Bring Its Android TVs To Europe

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro image 1

The OnePlus TV devices have been on sale in India for a couple of years now. The thing is, the company’s TVs are exclusive to India, but that may change soon. OnePlus TVs are coming to Europe.

OnePlus’ CEO, Pete Lau, did confirm that the company is planning to offer its TVs in Europe. He confirmed that to some members of the media, as the message has been relayed by WinFuture.

OnePlus is planning to sell its Android TVs in Europe as well

Mr. Lau did not say when will that happen, though. He did say that the company is working on it, and he did mention Europe specifically, but we’ll have to wait and see when will it happen.


The European market is full of TVs with Android TV, while Chromecasts are also well-known. If OnePlus manages to offer an attractive price tag for its TVs, though, it may end up being somewhat popular.

The last additions to the company’s TV lineup arrived in mid-2020. Back then, OnePlus added three new TVs to the lineup. Those could be the TVs that the company is planning to bring to Europe.

It will all depend on when they arrive, though. OnePlus could be planning to release some new models in the near future, and offer them in both India and Europe, or perhaps only Europe. We doubt that the company is planning some special releases for Europe alone, though.


The company’s TVs have a lot to offer, while their price tags are not high

OnePlus TVs have a lot to offer. They pack in a lot of technology and quality for the asking price, which is something people always appreciate. The company has been expanding into all sorts of different technology sectors lately.

OnePlus announced its very first smartwatch this year. That watch didn’t really get great reviews, but it seems like the sales are going really well still. The company’s smartphone business grew quite a bit as well, and things are looking good for the company. It’s not surprising OnePlus is planning to push some of its products to new markets.