OnePlus Nord Gets A Lot Of Fixes Via New OxygenOS Update

OnePlus Nord Special Edition Gray Ash featured

OnePlus has issued a lot of fixes to its ‘Nord’ smartphone via a new update. This update is marked as OxygenoS It brings quite a few bug fixes, along with a new Android security patch for May 2021.

OnePlus separated this update’s changelog into System, Network, Camera, and File Manager sections. Pretty much every single entry is about bug fixes, save for two, so we’ll talk about those two first.

New OnePlus Nord update issues a lot of fixes, and it brings a new security patch to the phone

One highlights a new Android security patch for May 2021, which we’ve already mentioned. The other one is in the ‘Network’ section, and it says that OnePlus improved the speed of the Wi-Fi connection.


Now, in regards to ‘System’, OnePlus fixed the issue which caused the card coupon to not be available as a widget. Missed calls also won’t be marked as call answered on another device in call logs. OnePlus also highlighted various smaller fixes here, which improved overall system stability.

Quite a few camera-related bugs have been squashed

The company issued quite a few fixes to the camera as well. The abnormal preview display issue in Nightscape Tripod mode has been fixed. The same goes for the issues in which the camera became unresponsive when setting the profile photo in ‘Contact’.

Frame drops issue with videos have been fixed as well, and the occasional issues with the Flash effect have been fixed as well. The delay issue when switching to the front camera under Time-lapse mode has also been taken care of.


The last entry in the changelog has to do with the ‘File Manager’. The company fixed the abnormal display issue while copying files to OTG storage.

This update is already out, it’s rolling out to the OnePlus Nord users as we speak. It’s a staged rollout, though, so it may take a while for you to get it. You’ll likely get it within the next couple of days, though. The update size is 420MB, in case you’re wondering.