OnePlus Allegedly Preparing Its First Phone Without Snapdragon SoC

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OnePlus has been a loyal user of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs, as every smartphone from the company used Snapdragon processors. Well, it seems like an upcoming OnePlus phone will ship without a Snapdragon chip, and will use MediaTek’s offering instead.

This is not the first time we’re hearing about this. Android Central said, back in March, that the OnePlus Nord 2 is coming in the second quarter of this year without a Snapdragon chip. It was said that it will use the MediaTek Dimensity 1200, MediaTek’s most powerful processor.

The first OnePlus phone without Snapdragon SoC is on its way

Now, the same information comes from a well-known tipster, Digital Chat Station. He published the information on Weibo, and he mentioned the Dimensity 1200 as well. He did not mention the OnePlus Nord 2, though.


The source claims that OnePlus is “polishing” the Dimensity 1200-based smartphone for an upcoming launch. He mentioned that chip by its model number, which is ‘MT6893”.

Now, even though the source did not mention the OnePlus Nord 2, that is almost certainly the phone in question. The device is tipped to arrive in Q2 this year, but we don’t know when exactly. It should arrive by the end of June, though, based on this schedule.

The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is an upgrade over the Snapdragon 765G

Now, some of you may be disappointed by the fact the phone will use MediaTek’s SoC. You shouldn’t be, though, as the Dimensity 1200 is the best MediaTek has to offer, and it’s quite an upgrade over the Snapdragon 765G.


The OnePlus Nord, as most of you know, uses the Snapdragon 765G. The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is an octa-core SoC, which supports a maximum display refresh rate of 168Hz. It supports Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6, dual SIM 5G, and cameras up to 200 megapixels. It’s also quite powerful based on benchmarks.

Using MediaTek’s processor should enable OnePlus to cut costs on components. Therefore, the company should be able to offer the OnePlus Nord 2 at an affordable price tag, as was the case with its predecessor.