OnePlus Digital WellPaper App Focuses On Your Digital Wellbeing

OnePlus Digital Wellpaper App

OnePlus Digital WellPaper app transforms your app usage into one of three live wallpapers on Android. This makes sure you check your app usage every time you look at your mobile phone.

OnePlus’ OxygenOS boasts a slew of digital wellbeing features. The Chinese consumer electronics company is now gearing up to introduce another way to encourage its users to focus on their digital wellbeing.

The Digital Wellpaper is a digital wellbeing live wallpaper that can now be downloaded from Google Play. It is worth noting that OnePlus has designed the app to bridge the gap between the skyrocketing usage of smartphones.


How does the OnePlus Digital WellPaper work?

The app analyzes an individual’s smartphone usage data to display a dynamic wallpaper. It was carefully selected by OneLab, which is an experiential software team within the company.

The OnePlus Digital WellPaper helps users to visualize and understand their daily digital habits. The app serves as a virtual wellbeing tool that reveals smartphone users’ digital patterns on the home, as well as lock screens.

It is unlike any other app that can visualize a phone user’s app usage. The Digital WellPaper collects all the apps on your phone and places them into six categories including tools, information, and business, gaming, entertainment, social, lifestyle and communication.


This categorization enables users to understand how they use their mobile phones. All you need to do is simply click into the categories to see a detailed breakdown of a particular app being used.

Improved management of device operations

Aside from monitoring individual app usage, users can set screen time reminders and manage overall device operations in a better way. Moreover, there are three Digital WellPaper designs, including radial, glow, and composition.

OnePlus Digital Wellpaper 2


These custom wallpapers are classified based on their colorways and scale depending on the usage. An individual’s usage behaviors determine the personalized wallpaper designs.

As a result, Android users can keep a track of their digital habits in a visually pleasing way. OnePlus North America has a dedicated webpage where users can find resources to enhance their digital wellbeing.

The platform helps individuals to understand OnePlus’ existing digital wellness initiatives like Insight AOD and Zen Mode and it also provides users exclusive behind-the-scenes content into the company’s commitment to digital wellness.


OnePlus Digital WellPaper app supports Android 7.0 and above while the company says it does not consume too much battery.  It just generates a new image when the phone is unlocked and does not constantly update in the background.