OnePlus Users Report Major Android Auto Problem After Android 11 Update

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It seems like Android 11 brought a major Android Auto issue with it for OnePlus users. Quite a few reports have been spotted in OnePlus Forums, as OnePlus Radar reports.

Users are reporting increased loading times for Android Auto after they installed Android 11 with OxygenOS 11. OnePlus Radar corroborated the issue, as it seems like they’re experiencing the same thing.

OnePlus users are experiencing a major Android Auto problem following Android 11 update

One user says that its OnePlus 7T would usually connect and load up Android Auto almost instantly. Now, the process seems to take more than a minute. That’s a huge gap, and we can see how it can be an extremely annoying problem.


This is just one example, as it seems like the issue is present on various OnePlus models. The OnePlus 7, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus Nord users have all reported the same issue. OnePlus Radar says that they’re having similar issues with the OnePlus 9 Pro.

So, it seems like basically every OnePlus model that received Android 11 is having the same issue. Some of you may not experience it, of course, but it is present on every OnePlus smartphone iteration with Android 11, not necessarily every single phone.

This seems to be a software issue

Many users who have reported the issue said that they tried using different cables, but that didn’t help. So, considering it worked before the Android 11 update, and changing cables doesn’t help, this is almost certainly a software issue.


OnePlus will hopefully work on the issue, and fix it in the next update for these devices. For users who use Android Auto regularly will find this extremely annoying, and for a good reason. When you sit in your car, and want to drive somewhere, waiting over a minute for Android Auto to load is not acceptable.

OnePlus Bug Hunters did respond to such issues, and have started collecting information. So, this issue will hopefully be behind us in the near future.