Nintendo Is Uncertain It Can Make Enough Switch Consoles

Nintendo Switch

Sony isn’t the only company having continued supply issues with its latest console, as Nintendo confirms it too is running into problems with stock for its Switch console.

Though Nintendo had seen its fair share of stock problems with the Switch back when the pandemic first hit, it was for the most part able to produce enough systems for consumers. But Nintendo is now seeing an “increased uncertainty” that it will be able to produce enough Switch consoles in the near future to meet demand.

Which could lead to the popular handheld/home console hybrid becoming a little more challenging to buy. This comes on the heels of Sony recently confirming that it expects PS5 stock issues to continue into 2022. When it initially expected stock to level out sometime around April or May of this year.


Nintendo Switch supply issues are due to semiconductor shortages

Just like with every other piece of tech, the Switch console is at the mercy of semiconductor supply. Which at the moment is still not great. The industry is still facing loads of shortages of semiconductors. And that’s a big reason the Xbox Series X and PS5 have had such low supply since launch.

According to Video Games Chronicle, Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa (via Nikkei) states that the company is unable to produce as many Nintendo Switch consoles as it would like. Furukawa further notes that the company is still doing everything it can to make as many consoles as possible.

Much like PlayStation’s Jim Ryan said in regards to PS5 stock issues, there isn’t a magic wand that Nintendo can wave to make the consoles appear. And that unfortunately means that there may be troubles buying a Switch down the line. As supplies may end up lower than usual.


Stock is fine for now

If you’ve been eyeballing a Switch, future shortages doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rush out and buy the console right away. For the moment it seems that Nintendo Switch console supply is fine.

However, it won’t necessarily hurt to be prepared to buy one at a moment’s notice if it’s been on your list of purchases.

As of April, Nintendo says it had acquired enough semiconductor supplies to last for the immediate future. Which could mean the next couple of months or perhaps longer. But consumers should expect shortages further down the line. That is unless something changes. And Nintendo is able to acquire more of the supplies it needs to make the Switch.