New YouTube Originals Are Coming Starring Will Smith, Alicia Keys & More

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There are some new YouTube originals on the way according to The Verge. Will Smith & Alicia Keys both have new YouTube original shows on the way.  There is some heavy star power behind YouTube’s new shows. YouTube has been around for a long time, but other streaming services have been on the roll with originals. Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon keep original shows and movies coming.

Now, YouTube is looking to get in on the party. Will Smith’s new show will be a six-part reality series about fitness and “returning his body into the best shape of his life.” That seems pretty interesting and maybe a big hit. Will Smith has a strong social media presence that a lot of people find entertaining.

In addition, Will Smith is Will Smith. Almost everything he touches turns to gold so his original will most likely be a huge hit. Alicia Keys isn’t far behind Will Smith in terms of star power. The singer has a new four-part series that will follow her journey towards her new album.


But there is more. There is a new third season of Liza Koshy’s Liza on Demand. This is a special which focuses on  Asian American chefs, activists, and more. Keeping with the trend of star power this show has some big names behind it like LeBron James who is an executive producer.

New YouTube originals are coming with some heavy star power

In addition to this, there is Barbershop Medicine which is a new special exploring the race and socioeconomic status stemming from the #YouTubeBlack Voices fund. Many people think of YouTube just as a platform to find the newest influencers unboxing things or doing pranks.

However, YouTube wants to bring more viewers in via its YouTube originals. Almost, anybody can watch these originals. But, there are some which will be ad-supported or require a subscription. YouTube seems to be positioning itself as a more viable streaming TV service.


The announcement of these new originals will be able to grab the attention of new viewers. As a result, if new users come in and like what they see they may sign up for YouTube TV to watch more.

YouTube has been around for a very long time and gives plenty of content creators a platform to put their content on. With that accessibility to so many people the company has been and will always be important in the entertainment world. YouTube was even recently recognized as the biggest social media platform. As a result, it makes sense for the company to add more original content.