New Twitter Tipping Feature Lets You Send Money To Accounts

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Twitter is working on a new feature that will make popular account owners really happy. The company is in the process of launching a new feature that lets you tip users. According to The Verge, this new Twitter tipping feature is only available for the mobile app so far.

The feature lets you send money through different platforms

When content creators want to ask for support from their followers, they would add links to their respective monetization platforms in their tweets. Either that or they would put the links on their profiles. Twitter is looking to cut out the middle-man and let people contribute directly to the users’ Twitter. It’s even available for Twitter Spaces.

The feature is called Tip Jar. When on either the iOS or Android app, the users’ profile will have a new button up top. With this new button, you will be prompted to select the method you would like to use to send the money. The options are Patreon, Paypal, Cash App, Bandcamp, and Venmo. From there, you just enter in the amount of money that you want to send.


If you’re worried about Twitter skimming a little bit off the top, don’t fret. Twitter does not take a cut of the money. The payment platform that you use to send the money will take its innate fee, but not Twitter.

Who can use the feature

Since this is a brand new feature that’s being tested, it won’t be available to everyone just yet- rather, the ability to accept money won’t be.  The ability to send money is available to everyone at the moment. The ability to accept payments is exclusive to journalists, non-profits, creators, and professionals.

Even if an account falls under one of those categories, it will probably need to have a certain amount of followers and a certain number of engagements per day to qualify. So, if you’re a creator who has 100 followers, then you’ll have to wait for the full rollout.


While this feature seems really enticing, there’s a bit of a snag that Twitter will need to iron out. A user reported that the feature reveals the users’ actual mailing address. So far, it looks like it was on the Paypal platform. Twitter stated that it will be resolving the issue and updating what information will be available.

This could be great for creators

This new Tip Jar feature will be a boon for independent creators. Having a quick and easy way of sending a bit of money to the creator within a few swipes is better than having to navigate to an external site or create another account. It’s actually surprising how much people hate being taken out of the app just to do a simple task. When this feature rolls out to the public, creators just might be getting a bit more money in their digital wallets.