New Music Controls For YouTube Will Make Listening To Music Easier

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New music controls for YouTube could be on the way for Premium subscribers according to Android Central (original source 9to5Google. The new music controls will make it easier for users to play music without having to switch over to the YouTube music app. Users could already play both on the regular YouTube app, but they would be prompted to switch over to the YouTube Music app.

The new implementation would make things much easier for users. The new implementation will show YouTube viewers a different interface. The interface will closely resemble the controls that you would see in the YouTube Music app. That should make it easier and more familiar for users who are used to only using the standard YouTube app.

Now, this new interface will be for the Premium users out there. They will see a play, pause, and skip button. In addition to this, users will be able to save a song to a playlist as well. The overall new controls seem like they are aiming to make the experience seamless for users.


The new controls will allow users who are just browsing YouTube to get the best of both worlds. They may be watching the newest video from one of their favorite creators one minute. Then the next minute they may come across a song that they like. With the new listening controls, users will be able to stay on YouTube without having to switch to YouTube Music to listen to the song.

New music controls for YouTube makes playing music easier

At the moment, it isn’t known when the new controls will roll out. However, it could definitely make the overall experience better for a lot of Premium users. Premium users get a few nice features that free users do not get.

One of the biggest ones is not having to watch commercials. There are times when you’re watching a video and a commercial comes on at the worst time. To keep YouTube free there have to be commercials, but they have the worst timing sometimes.


YouTube has a lot of Premium users with 30 million subscribers. While that is a large number, they could definitely benefit from having more. When compared to other subscription services Google doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

These new listening controls could be a good incentive for some users to go Premium. If they already are locked into the YouTube experience this could make things more enjoyable for them.