New G Pay Button Increases Conversion Rate

Google Pay AH NS 03

Google has brought a small change to its “Buy With G Pay” button. The company states that the change actually increases the conversion rate, meaning that people are more likely to buy a product. According to a post on their developers blog, simply showing the last four digits of peoples’ card numbers is enough to make this change.

The button makes people more likely to remember that they have cards saved with Google

When checking out on a website, it’s sometimes tedious for users to track down their credit card and type in the info. Sometimes, this leads to the user just ditching the transaction altogether. Google has a simple solution to this problem.

The button, which previously said “Buy With G Pay’ will now just simply say “G Pay” and show the last four digits of the card number. This will only happen if you actually register a card with Google. The company states that this small bit of information actually helps the conversion rate for the site. It says that people are 30% more likely to remember that they actually have a card registered, and can just pay there- no hunting for their card.


This, Google says, actually increases conversion by about 3.6%. While it’s not a huge amount, it shows that consumer mentality is a large part of the equation. The possibility of extra conversion will entice vendors to adopt the G Pay API.

Enabling the new G Pay Button

If you are a vendor and you want a piece of the conversion pie, it’s easy to get the button on your checkout page. Firstly, if you use the createbutton API with the default button option, then you don’t have to do anything. The button will automatically be updated.

If you customize the createbutton API and you set the buttontype to plain or short, just set it to buy. After that, the button should start displaying the card digits. If you don’t use the createbutton API, Google suggests that you do so. It hasn’t said whether it will have the button be available for other APIs.


After that, the next step in the process is going to the Google Pay Business Console and enabling the service. This is for people who haven’t signed up for the service.

Having the new G Pay button proves that, sometimes, it’s the little things that can make or break a transaction. The slight increase in conversion could help drive more vendors to the platform. It may also make customers more likely to buy from those vendors.