New AT&T 5G Prepaid Data Plans For Tablets Helps You Work Anywhere

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According to Droid-Life, it is now simpler to get an AT&T 5G prepaid data plan for tablets. Well really, the plan will work for all connected devices. That includes laptops, tablets, and other devices that have the ability to connect to a mobile network. In this day and age where working on the go is so prevalent, this could help a lot of people.

It can get pretty boring working from home all of the time. To break up the monotony of working from home you could try doing some work at the park. Or at a Starbucks. Or anywhere else that you can safely work.

There are a couple of ways you can get the internet you need in order to connect your devices. One way is to use public Wi-fi. This is free, but public Wi-fi can be a little bit of a two-way street. It is free, but at the same time, it is insecure.


On the other hand, you can get a device that connects to mobile networks themselves. This is where AT&T is looking to make things easier for those looking for a 5G data plan for tablets and other connected devices.

New AT&T 5G prepaid data plan for tablets and other connected devices keep you working on the go

5G is the new hottest network feature that mobile networks are providing for customers. But sometimes customers may not need to talk and text. AT&T today updated their DataConnect plans to allow customers to get 5G data for a good price.

With the updated DataConnect plans AT&T has increased the limits for their options. At first, the company offered 15GB and 35GB options. Now the company has upped those limits to 25GB and 40GB. Now users can get their work done on the go no matter where they are. In addition, this is more secure than using a public Wi-fi network at Starbucks.


The prices for the new updated options are not too bad. You will pay $50/month for the 25GB option. The 40GB option will run you $75/month. In order to get these prices, you do have to enroll in auto pay and paperless billing.

So now you can get your new Galaxy Book Pro or your favorite tablet easily connected with 5G data. Now you can get your work done anywhere you want to. You have the chance to get out and work from anywhere while getting some sunlight and a change of scenery.

You can go to AT&T’s website to pick which plan you want beginning this week.