Netflix Testing 'Play Something' Button On Mobile, Android First In Line

Netflix AH NS 04

Netflix is testing the ‘Play Something’ button on mobile, and Android is first in line. As a reminder, this feature has been available on TVs for a while now, as Netflix completed the rollout last month.

This feature is kind of self-explanatory. If you don’t know what to watch, or simply want to avoid the decision-making process, Netflix can find something for you. This is a great way to discover new content as well.

Netflix is testing the ‘Play Something’ feature on Android

Netflix did promise that it will bring the feature over to mobile devices, and that is starting now. The feature is in testing on Android devices, globally, so you may as well be a part of it.


You cannot opt in to be a part of the test, though. Netflix is rolling the feature out to random devices, so if you get it, you’ll know. Otherwise, you can simply wait for it to fully roll out, and arrive to your device.

This also gives Netflix another way to keep viewers on its service. It will push them to find new content and keep watching something, which is in Netflix’s interest, of course.

The competition in the content streaming space is really fierce these days, and companies like Netflix are trying to take every advantage possible. On top of that, Netflix has added a ton of content to the service in the last year or so, so noticing everything is never easy. This way, the content may find you instead.


Let’s hope Netflix’s algorithms are on point

Let’s just hope that Netflix algorithms are on point. Finding something you’re interested in can be fun, great even. On the flip side, if it keeps suggesting content you’re completely uninterested in… well, that’s not good.

The thing is, Netflix is usually quite good when it comes to recommending new shots to watch, at least for me it was, so chances are that this ‘Play Something’ button will be useful as well. It probably relies on the very same algorithms.