Nanoleaf Becomes The Latest Brand To Support The Matter Smart Home Standard

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At Google I/O this week, a big topic in the smart home space has been Matter. That is the new smart home standard that Apple, Amazon and Google are joining forces on, to make the smart home much easier to interact with.

And now, Nanoleaf has announced that it will also support this standard. In fact, Google showcased its Essentials Bulb in the smart home keynote at Google I/O this week. As a way to show off how seamless the setup experience will be for Matter-supported devices. Nanoleaf says that it is working closely with Google in building support for Matter in its current and future products.

The good news here is that current Nanoleaf products will get support for Matter, through a software update. This is something we’ve seen from other brands too, that have announced support for Matter. Like Philips Hue.


Nanoleaf says that “by partnering with Google, we aim to create an industry unified system where devices are able to easily interact and work together for a seamless and universal smart home experience.” Which is the whole point of Matter, actually.

What is Matter?

Matter is a new smart home standard that Google is working on, in conjunction with Amazon and Apple. Essentially the three biggest players in the smart home space.

The point of Matter is, to make it easier to setup, and connect smart home products. But also making it easier to work with all three digital assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri/Homekit. Which is not something that we see a lot of now. It’s typically one or two of the three. Very few work with all three seamlessly. Partly because Amazon owns Ring and Blink and Google owns Nest and don’t allow their devices to work with competitors. But that will change.