Microsoft Office For Android Finally Gets Dark Mode

Microsoft Office Android dark mode 1

Those of you who use Microsoft Office on your Android smartphone will be glad to know that dark mode has finally arrived. Well, if you do enjoy using dark mode, of course, as many do.

Microsoft’s Office toolset is extremely popular and useful, especially on Windows PCs, but it works great on Android as well, as competition to Google’s offerings. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are quite popular on Android.

Microsoft Office for Android is finally getting the dark mode treatment

Now, these apps have been available as separate entities on the Play Store before, but not they’re a part of a single app called ‘Microsoft Office’. So, all of those services now support dark mode.


This feature was long-awaited, and we knew it was coming, but did not know when. Dark mode has been supported on Microsoft Office for PC for quite some time now. So, it’s nice to see it’s making a move to mobile as well.

Microsoft itself says that this has been a highly-requested feature, which is not surprising. Dark mode saves battery on AMOLED displays, and many people like it more than light mode… in general.

The app will follow your system theme setting, though you can set dark mode manually as well

Do note that the Microsoft Office app will follow your system’s dark mode. So, if it’s set on a system level, you’re good to go. You can, also, enable it manually, if you want, regardless of the system setting.


Simply tap on your profile on the Home tab, and then select ‘Settings’. From there, select the ‘Light’, ‘Dark’, or ‘System Default’ option from the ‘Theme Options’ menu.

As you can see in the provided image, the dark mode for Microsoft Office is mostly AMOLED black. There are shades of gray in there, of course, but this is a good choice by Microsoft, as it will save more battery this way.

If this feature is not yet available in your app, it will become soon. Just make sure that you have the latest version of the app, and wait if it’s not available at the moment.