MediaTek Tipped To Remain World's No.1 Smartphone SoC Manufacturer

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According to a Counterpoint Research analysis, MediaTek will remain the world’s no.1 SoC manufacturer. The company has released its expectations for 2021, and it seems like Qualcomm won’t be able to trump MediaTek.

MediaTek will increase its market share, and remain world’s no.1 SoC manufacturer

MediaTek is tipped to increase its 2020 market share, which stood at 32-percent. It is expected to grab 37-percent in 2021. Qualcomm’s market share will also grow, from 28-percent to 31-percent, according to Counterpoint.

HiSilicon’s market share is expected to drop drastically. Huawei’s HiSilicon had 10-percent of the market last year, but that number will drop significantly. Unisoc is expected to grow from 4-percent to 6-percent, while Samsung will drop from 11-percent to 8-percent. Apple is also mentioned here, as it will increase its share from 15-percent to 16-percent.


According to Counterpoint, MediaTek will gain an advantage over Qualcomm due to the supply constraints around RFICs (radio-frequency integrated circuits) from Samsung’s factory in Austin, Texas.

It is mentioned that there’s also a generally smaller yield of 5nm wafers that Qualcomm is using, but MediaTek is not. The 5G market does look a bit different, though.

Qualcomm will retain its lead in the 5G SoC market

Qualcomm will come back knocking in H2 2021. 9 out of 10 smartphones out there are expected to be powered by SoCs from Qualcomm, Apple, or MediaTek.


Based on Counterpoint’s report, Qualcomm will increase its 5G SoC market share from 28-percent to 30-percent. It will be followed closely by Apple and MediaTek, though.

Apple’s 5G market share is expected to grow from 25-percent to 29-percent. MediaTek’s market share will grow drastically, from 15-percent to 28-percent. Samsung will remain at 10-percent, while HiSilicon will drop drastically, from 23-percent to… well, a percentage that Counterpoint didn’t mention, but the difference will be huge.

It will be interesting to see how accurate will Counterpoint Research’s analysis will be. The company is usually spot on when it comes to such projections, so… we’re not expecting huge differences to take place.