IFA 2021 Won't Be Happening After All, It's Cancelled

IFA Berlin

IFA 2021 won’t be happening after all. The organizers have decided to focus their efforts on IFA 2022 instead, and cancel this year’s show. IFA 2021 was supposed to take place in September, as it usually does.

IFA 2021 has been cancelled, it won’t be happening at all

The reason behind this decision, you guessed it, is the pandemic. IFA 2021 was supposed to be a live event, with in-person visitors, but due to the pandemic, that won’t be happening.

A number of OEMs have already cancelled their in-person participation at MWC 2021 which is scheduled for June. This includes some huge companies like Samsung, Google, Qualcomm, and Ericsson.


There’s still a chance MWC 2021 may get cancelled as well, even though the organizers are ready for anything, it would seem. They actually organized a virtual participation program, via which the aforementioned companies will participate.

In any case, the IFA 2021 organizers said that they had a detailed conversation with public health experts and multiple shareholders, before pulling the plug.

Messe Berlin also highlighted that it will continue helping the fight against COVID-19 by converting parts of its exhibition area into a vaccination center, and an emergency hospital facility.


Messe Berlin is focusing on the organization of IFA 2022

As already mentioned, Messe Berlin is now focusing on IFA 2022. The company hopes that everything will go back to normal by then, so they’re planning for a full-scale event.

Messe Berlin even announced a date for the event. IFA 2022 will take place in early September, from September 2 to 6. That gives the company plenty of time to get everything organized, as that’s well over a year away at this point.

Cancelling MWC 2021 may be the best option as well, but we’ll have to wait and see what will happen. This decision may or may not impact the organizers of MWC 2021, though it probably will not. As a reminder, the MWC 2021 is supposed to take place from June 28 to July 1 in Barcelona.