How To Speed Up Your Internet By Optimizing Your Router?

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We all have to admit that having a slow internet connection is more annoying than falling on your head at your own birthday party. But the internet speed can surely be improved in simple ways, as it’s not mandatory to be a hardcore tech expert to solve most of the common problems.

The internet can run slowly for a couple of technical reasons. First of all, you must not expect that bandwidth to thrive if your PC is a pretty obsolete one with only 1 or 2 GB of RAM.

The computer’s memory is the most essential piece of hardware when it comes to raw internet speed. It may sound harsh, but adapting to the current technological standards is one thing to consider by all of us. Therefore, you should go ahead and buy some more powerful computer parts if yours are obsolete. Then you can move on to other ways of improving your internet speed, and we’ll gladly tell you some of the methods:

Optimize the router in a few easy steps

The router is the first thing to consider when you want to upgrade your internet speed if the hardware components are at a decent quality and operative power.


Optimize the channel settings of your router

You can make a router faster by simply optimizing the settings. Using some handy tools, you’ll be able to scan your local airwaves for channels that have the least interference. In this way, you’ll find out which channel you must switch to.

It’s a great idea that anytime you need to change the channel from the router’s settings, you can do it using the gadget’s documentation page.

Change your router’s location in the room

It surely may sound ridiculous at first, but simply placing your router in another place from your room assures a massive boost for the internet speed in many cases. The ideal place is as high in the room as possible, like on top of a drawer or on a pile of books. One of the worst places to put the router is on the bottom of one of the four corners of your room.

Even the building material of your house could interfere with the internet speed, meaning that you definitely shouldn’t neglect changing your router’s location method.


Update the router

It may sound awkward, but keeping your router updated is one of the most overlooked ways of getting the most out of the little gadget. The manufacturer regularly releases new software and firmware, and they will normally land into the “security” category. If you didn’t update your router for quite a while, it’s never too late, as you may see a significant boost in your internet speed once you download the latest files from the router’s manufacturer. To update your router, navigate to your router settings by typing an IP address – or in your browser.

Mount a new antenna on your router

We all have to admit that the antennas from most of the consumer-grade routers lack quality. This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to buy an amplified aftermarket antenna to improve that signal quality and speed. Routers are extremely cheap nowadays, and you can easily imagine for yourself how cheap the antenna is. But rather than buying a new device, it’s obviously an even better way to make business if you only purchase the antenna.

The option to buy a plug-in extender is also one to consider, although they’re usually more expensive. They also act as a powered antenna plus a wireless repeater. If you live in a zone with signal degradation, plug-in extenders offer a significant advantage for the internet speed.

Investing some money also on a top-of-the-range router model is always an option to consider, as it will always make a huge difference than a middle range model, whether we like to admit it or not.