You Can Now Hide Like & View Counts On Facebook, Instagram

instagram hide like counts

Finally, Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have given the control of happiness back to their user’s hands. Because you can now hide like and view counts on Facebook and Instagram.

Yes! If your social media game is not that strong, and you are getting fewer likes or views on your social media posts, then this feature is worth considering.

We all know the drill. The more popular you are on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. the more likes or views you will get. But if you are a beginner and just starting off on these platforms, getting hundreds and thousands of likes or views can be challenging.


Besides, some feel embarrassed with the low like and view counts they have on their social media posts. Moreover, as noted by The Verge, many people use like or view counts as a metric for what’s trending.

FYI, Facebook and Instagram started testing this idea of hiding like and view counts back in 2019. Now, this feature is rolling over to users across the globe.

Basically, there are two options. The first option allows you to hide like counts only on your personal posts. This will prevent others from seeing the like counts on your posts.


The second option is to hide like counts from all the posts on your entire Facebook or Instagram feed. Facebook terms this new feature as “beneficial for some and annoying to others.”

Facebook and Instagram users have the option to enable/disable like or view counts

Interestingly, hiding like counts is not a standard feature on both platforms. Meaning, there is a dedicated Settings toggle, to allow users to decide and choose whether or not to hide like/view counts.

So, if you are someone who thrives on likes and views counts, then you can leave the option disabled. However, if you are not easily moved by the number of likes or view counts your or other’s post gets, then you can enable this feature.


To hide like counts from all your Instagram feed, you need to head over to Settings > Privacy > Posts > Hide Like and View Counts. Apparently, this feature is currently live for users on Instagram and will be available for Facebook users in the coming weeks.

Folks at The Verge were not able to find the settings to hide like counts on Facebook, on both the Android or iOS apps. The new option will definitely depressurize people’s experience on these popular social media platforms.

Further, we believe people using these features will make more informed decisions using their intellect, and not on the basis of likes or views.